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Office Supplies

Office supplies is the corner stone of Xpress Solutions service:

  • Xpress is a member of Officepoint, the UK's largest buying group with a purchasing power of £300 million per annum.
  • This ensures that the 20,000 products we stock are available at the lowest possible prices.
  • Full management reporting is given via online ordering.
  • Allowing instant financial control, and budget measuring.
  • We deliver the next day.
  • Helping you reduce your stock room costs - reducing obscelence, over buying, wastage and pilfering.
  • An audit of your previous buying history would be carried out to establish your product needs, and to look for any anomalies.
  • We can therefore suggest better products, improvement to the procurement process and best practice.
  • A simple order form or web page would be provided for day to day ordering.
  • Making ordering simple and effective.
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