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Why choose Xpress Solutions

Xpress Solutions has been specifically designed for forward thinking companies, who wish to drive the cost and time of procurement from their business, and build in the convenience of one supplier for all your business needs.

The true cost of purchasing

A survey of purchasing costs carried out by American Express in 1999 showed the transaction cost of buying, distributing, paying and reconciling a single order to be £64. Even processing an invoice costs £8 per item.

The solution

Our philosophy is to provide a single source supply for your business needs and this consolidation will provide massive savings in time, money and stress. A typical company with 50 staff spending £40,000 per annum will incur costs around £10,000. These are hidden costs, but they are, none the less, real costs that Xpress Solutions will remove from your bottom line.

To arrange an appointment and start saving today, call 020 8994 1500.

P.S. There are 10 supply solutions to choose from — the more you choose the more you save. One single monthly invoice for all your needs!!

Contact us for more information on our supply solutions >

Tel: 020 8994 1500
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