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Environmental Policy


Xpress Solutions is an environmentally aware supplier. The first thing you will notice is that our main catalogue is printed on paper made entirely from post consumer waste and printed with a vegetable-based ink.

We are already consulting with our partners at Officepoint towards ISO 14001 to further reduce our carbon footprint.

All our packaging is made from recycled material and we offer the choice of returnable plastic crates if you prefer.

Our services include the collection of empty cartridges for recycling, disposal of unwanted electrical goods, and shredding and subsequent recycling of paper.

Green Products

There is a general perception that 'going green' is costly but increasingly, many 'green' products are no more expensive than traditional non-green equivalents.

During 2008 we have reinforced our range of green products. This includes pads, pens, rulers and a host of filing products. Look out in particular for B Green pens from Pilot, and pads from Remarkable. We also have Fairtrade coffees and ethical partnership teas.

We are able to advise on the best paper for your business to use, whether it is recycled or from a sustainable, managed forest.

We really do believe business can make a difference to the work we live in. Please contact on 0208 813 8334 to discuss how we can work together to make a difference.

Useful tips

Change your lightbulbs

If an office changed 150 light bulbs for energy-saving bulbs 1 tonne of CO2 a month would be saved.

Turn off your PC overnight

If 200 staff in an office were to do that they would save 5 tonnes of CO2 in a year.

Turn the heating down a little

If 27 offices measuring around 500m2 turned their heating down just 1°C 100 tonnes of CO2 a year would be saved.

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Our green credentials

ISO 14001FSC
Ethical Tea PartnershipFairtrade
EU Eco-labelNordic
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