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About Us
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About Xpress Solutions

We think that the best people to tell you about our company is our customers:

'As a theatre we use you for all our office and cleaning supplies, which have always been reliably delivered the next day. With so many constraints on our time, it's always nice to make one call to get all our office supplies or get advice on new products. As we say in the Theatre "The show must go on" and with your help it does.' Neville Simpson, Questors Theatre

'We have been using Xpress Solutions for more than five years and during that time we have been completely satisfied with your product range, prices and delivery. However, above all what we value is the personal attention from your company. When we moved offices, we ordered the new furniture from Xpress Solutions and you were excellent service in seeing the whole process through. When we have needed something very quickly, you have leaned over backwards to help. When asked "who supplies your stationery?", we always recommend your company.' Ken Sorrie,

'Bovis Lend Lease have used Xpress Solutions for 12 years and have always been highly satisfied with the level of service we have received.

Xpress Solutions have always been willing to go the extra mile & that is something that we value from all our suppliers.'
Helen Lodge, Lend Lease Corporation

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Tel: 020 8994 1500
Fax: 020 8742 0912

Company number 6542316
Registered Office: Epic House, 128 Fulwell Road, Teddington, Middlesex TW11 0RQ


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